Global Wide Area Network Consolidation for a Multinational Insurance Company

Our Customer’s requirements 

Our Customer, a multinational insurance company, had a disparate 700 site network that needed migration to a single homogenous network with consistent features and service levels. Concurrently, our Customer required improved service consistency, service quality, and cost-effectiveness while observing industry regulations for security boundaries.

Luetschine’s solution

Luetschine partnered with our Customer to re-architect the network into a single global wide-area network. The formerly distributed Internet egress, remote access, security policies, and network service levels were consolidated into a single, manageable platform. The revised service levels allowed our Customer to eliminate regional point solution applications and replace them with corporate standard equivalents.

Project outcomes and benefits for our Customer 

The new network design reduced cost, improved productivity, and enhanced security policy compliance. The unified global wide-area network consolidated business applications into fewer data centers, resulted in reduced network technologies, required fewer vendors to support, and simplified network management. The consolidated Internet egress facilities replaced an ineffective point solution.  Our Customer could now rely on a consistent and secure network at a reduced cost.