Leveraging Modern Technology to Upgrade a College Campus Network

Our Customer’s requirements 

Our Customer, a university in the United States, operated two campuses in close proximity. The Customer’s existing infrastructure consisted of obsolete ATM LANE for both voice and video, private dark fiber interconnecting the buildings on each campus, and leased T3 lines interconnecting the separate campuses. The Customer sought to modernize the campus network to improve performance and reduce costs.

Luetschine’s solution

Luetschine architected and implemented a new, simplified campus LAN based on 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet technology and replaced the T3 leased lines with optical metro-Ethernet service. We replaced the ATM CBR voice service with VoIP running over the metro-Ethernet service. Our microsegmentation design significantly reduced (10x) failover time and allowed prevention of potential network outages from rogue equipment.

Project outcomes and benefits for our Customer 

The Ethernet over metro-Ethernet architecture increased the network capacity by 300% while reducing our Customer’s network operating expenses by 65%. Our Customer gained improved performance and network availability while realizing a substantial cost savings.