Manufacturing Projects

Below are a few examples of manufacturing engagements we have done in this dynamic, fast-paced business vertical.

Luetschine Consultants have…

Designed and assisted with the implementation of a network for a nuclear fuel plant across three separate facilities, with one of the facilities designed to be fully isolated from the other two to meet necessary safety requirements.

Designed and assisted with the implementation of WAN connectivity to offshore oil rigs by leveraging a combination of wireless carrier technologies such as laser, microwave, and satellite.

Designed and assisted with the implementation of a LAN for a mine, which is by nature a physically dynamic and dangerous environment where network connectivity is expensive and challenging.

Engaged with other manufacturing Customers, including several projects involving warehouse networks. Our typical warehouse engagements have included indoors and outdoors WiFi for bar code scanners. The dynamic RF environment in warehouses and wireless network security concerns are key challenges; we have the experience and expertise to assist our Customers with their unique requirements.