Network Management Network for an IT Service Provider

Our Customer’s requirements 

Our Customer, an IT service provider that supplies infrastructure monitoring, needed changes to their infrastructure monitoring service. The Customer monitored the infrastructure via three global network operation centers (NOCs). Our Customer’s network address translation (NAT) was not feasible due to the large number of IP addresses presented to the NOCs from each of their customers.

Luetschine’s solution

Luetschine reviewed our Customer’s architecture and determined that a multi-tenancy carrier-grade MPLS network with a virtualized routing instance dedicated to individual customers was required. The solution preserved and isolated each individual customer’s address space within our Customer’s overall network management solution.

Project outcomes and benefits for our Customer 

Luetschine’s solution combined carrier-grade MPLS and operational support with automatic recovery from single-point failures and provided optimal path selection between each NOC and each individual customer at any time.  The solution added scalability, resiliency, and performance consistency to our Customer’s network management solution, preparing them for future growth and competitive advantage.