Next-Generation Security Architecture for an Energy Company

Our Customer’s requirements 

Our Customer recognized the escalating security threats from within their own organization and engaged Luetschine to design a zone-based security architecture that relied on the defense-in-depth principle to more effectively secure corporate intellectual property from internal and external threats.

Luetschine’s solution 

Luetschine determined that the Customer’s mobile global work force required role-based access control (RBAC) to effectively control access to applications and data. Moreover, the Customer’s global sourcing requirements meant that supplier or partner roles could be different on each project, necessitating granular control at the application and/or transaction level.

Luetschine developed a zone-based security architecture to group resources and clients by risk profile. We added context-base access control (CBAC) and application-aware next generation firewalls to protect the data centers. For the client access network, we added a comprehensive network access control solution that fingerprinted each client device and put it into the most appropriate security zone. Host-based firewalls and IPS software protected each client device from intrusion and prevented corporate-owned computers from hosting peer-to-peer services.

Project outcomes and benefits for our Customer 

Our Customer’s future was secure with best of breed technologies. Luetschine developed a tailor-made security solution that ensured our Customer’s intellectual property would be safe for years to come.