Resilient Extranet Infrastructure for an Energy Company

Our Customer’s requirements 

Our Customer, a nuclear energy company, relied heavily on extranet connectivity to work with its business partners.  Unique security requirements of this project added complexities into our final solution.

Luetschine’s solution

To meet the security requirements, Luetschine leveraged traditional firewalls backed by SSL VPN gateways for role-based access control (RBAC) and next-generation firewalls capable of RBAC and application-based access control. We backed these control measures with extensive monitoring, logging, and intrusion prevention capabilities. To add granularity to the controlling custom web applications, we leveraged server-side proxies to control access to specific web pages. We included secure routing featuring route-servers, which allowed dynamic routing while protecting from bogus routing information. We designed the network edge to be flexible enough to support a variety of access methods.

Project outcomes and benefits for our Customer 

The infrastructure supported a variety of partner extranet connections. Our Customer can now communicate more easily, more quickly, and in a secure manner to complete projects on schedule. Our Customer became a more agile business partner, increasing their competitive edge in the market.