Specialty Robotics System for a Nuclear Power Plant

Our Customer’s requirements 

Our Customer, a nuclear power plant, had an aging robot-assisted inspection network critical to their steam turbine scheduled maintenance windows. The network was designed in the 1980s and required an update to enhance scalability and interoperability with today’s IP technology.

Luetschine’s solution

Luetschine conducted a business analysis of our Customer’s use cases, operating procedures, cost elements, systems architecture, and requirements and identified the critical areas of concern: the network transport, the addressing scheme, and the large amount of nodes with incomplete network stacks. We architected a modern infrastructure based on our Customer’s requirements with special attention to scalability, security, and agility. Once the architecture was complete, we conducted a proof-of-concept and pilot before going live with the new network.

Project outcomes and benefits for our Customer 

Luetschine architected and implemented a modern network that dramatically enhanced our Customer’s business and revenue stream. Leveraging IP-based technology v. legacy 1980s technology resulted in cost savings of over 50% in the first year!