Why Luetschine for IT Consulting?

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Our customers are our focus and Luetschine consultants are…


  • Develop long-term technology plans based on our client’s vision and goals while encompassing industry and technology trends.
  • Evaluate technology options and business value for our clients.
  • Create and update technology roadmaps to guide the development and implementation of specific solutions in the right order and at the right time.


  • Long-term solution design process is adhered to by our consultants so the solution becomes an integral part of the road map rather than a point solution.
  • We conduct post-implementation quality assurance for our clients to ensure the solution is implemented correctly.
  • We focus on optimizing our clients’ IT infrastructures.


  • We provide ongoing technical expertise for implementation of our designs.
  • We train operations personnel in the support and maintenance of the solution.


  • Not sure where technology is headed or where your next investment should be in your infrastructure? Leave the research to us.
  • We gather, rationalize, normalize, and process data into information that enables decision making.

Trusted Advisors

  • We partner with our clients to explain market and industry trends to assist with the right technology decisions.
  • We advise our clients on industry-wide and sector-specific technology directions for long-term strategy planning.
  • Our consultants provide a more personalized experience and interface with stakeholders, project mangers, implementers, and vendors.
  • We are not just consultants, we pride ourselves in taking the advisor/educator role with our clients.


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