Welcome to Luetschine Consulting. Our name, Luetschine, comes from the River Lütschine in Switzerland. The river’s two tributaries, the Schwarze Lütschine and the Weisse Lütschine, converge at Zweilütschinen after having flown through the Alps to form the Lütschine; the converged Lütschine combines the best qualities of both tributaries.

Our two core practice areas, IT and Financial Consulting, each have a distinct personality just like the river’s two tributaries. Our IT Consulting practice focuses on developing and implementing IT strategies, architectures, and solutions, while our Financial Consulting practice focuses on professional research and education to help our clients make savvy investment decisions.

We recognize that each client comes from a different background and has different needs. Our personalized partnership approach treats each client as a unique entity and tailors our services to the client’s specific needs.

Our personalized partnership approach, combined with our core values of integrity, respect, confidentiality, and critical thinking, provides the individualized customer journey you desire with the in-depth IT industry knowledge and expertise you demand.

Let us become your trusted advisor. We look forward to your partnership.

Personalized. Consulting. Solutions.